This was our sixty-first Courthouse in Texas to visit. That means we are at 24% of our goal with 76% left to go. Built in 1897 by architect, W. C. Dodson in the Beaux-Arts style using limestone and sandstone.

An outstanding example of Second Empire Victorian style, often seen in Texas Courthouse design. Erected in 1897 on land donated by early settler R. G. Grant. Architect for this third Coryell Courthouse was W. C. Dodson; builder, Tom Lovell. Limestone and red sandstone blocks were precut to the exact size at quarry, then hauled here by horse-drawn wagons. At each entrance are columns in Roman Corinthian style; and over the east entrance is builder’s mark of an owl. Statues on the roof represent “Justice.” Noted trials have been held in this building.