This was our one hundred-fifty-second Courthouse in Texas to visit. That means we are at 59.8% of our goal with 40.2% left to go.

Date – 1955
Architect – Caudill, Rowlett & Scott
Style – Modern
Material – Brick, steel and marble

“As originally designed, the large building in the center contained the judicial offices, courtrooms and the jail while the surrounding buildings contained the rest of the county offices. A large courtyard used to sit behind the main judicial building. Between 1982 and 1986, an addition was built behind the 1955 courthouse, eliminating the former courtyard.

The interior and exterior of the 1980s addition has recently been renovated. In 2008, the County Administration Building was constructed two blocks south of the 1955 courthouse.”

– Terry Jeanson, January, 2014