This was our seventh Courthouse in Texas to visit. That means we are at 2.8% of our goal with 97.2% left to go. The older County Courthouse was torn down for this one. The locals seemed to like the old one better (according to the few people we talked to). We had a great burger at Kaufman Burgers.

Kaufman County was created February 26, 1848 and organized August 7, 1848. Named in honor of David Spangler Kaufman 1812-1851 who came to Texas in 1837 and located at Nacogdoches. He was a member of the Texas Congress 1839-1845 and later a Member of the United States Congress.

The current 1956 Kaufman County courthouse is shrouded in trees which helps to hide its modern staleness. To add insult to injury, a security booth was recently constructed to the front of the building, further obscuring the facade of this architectural masterpiece.

The Confederate monument, constructed in 1911, was moved to a safe place during the demolition of the 1887 courthouse and restored to its current location once the 1956 courthouse was completed.

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