This was our twenty-fifth Courthouse in Texas to visit. That means we are at 9.8% of our goal with 91.2% left to go.

Bowie County has had four courthouses. Old Boston was the first county seat, and the courthouse was there from 1841 to 1887. Texarkana was the second county seat from 1887 until 1891 when Boston became and remains the county seat.

The current courthouse was built in 1985 by architect, Thomas and Embeton Associates of Texarkana in modern style using concrete and brick.

The 1891 courthouse was vacated after construction of the new courthouse and was burned by an arsonist in 1989. The old courthouse square in Boston, where the 1891 courthouse used to stand, has been turned into a park. The raised walls to the right of the gazebo mark the foundation of the burned courthouse.

The 1891 Bowie County jail was used until 1984. It still stands on the southeast corner of the old courthouse square in Boston.