As you can tell from the photos, we decided to go with a different color than the original “Emberglow” that came on the car. It was not the original paint, but it was the original color. We wanted to either go with a dark blue or white. Obviously we went with white, a bright white. 

We got several estimates on having the body work done and repainting. They ranged from $12,000 to $18,000 and would take 2 to 3 months to complete. That was and is way out of our budget and we had to think of some other options. 

I remembered watching a TV show that had a car that they did not paint, but rather had the car wrapped in chrome vinyl. That got me to wondering if we could wrap the car in white vinyl. What would that involve and what would it cost? I talked with a company here in North Texas called Metroplex Wraps

Metroplex Wraps’ owner told me that they do entire cars and trucks. He said some people bring in brand new cars and have them wrapped to protect the original paint. He also said they can do any color or graphics. The cost was $2,500 for our car which is within our budget.

We think the final product looks great. It is not paint and it is not as smooth as paint when you get up close to it. However, I have had several people compliment the “paint job” even though it’s not paint. And it should last ten years or more with no problems. The greatest compliment so far was when a woman passing by our parked car yelled from her passenger seat, “That’s the most beautiful car I have ever seen!” We figured she just needs to get out more.